Welcome To SWFS 2021

The South West Fashion Summit lays critical emphasis on using the power of technology (digital marketing, e-commerce, etc.) to drive the growth/expansion of business in the fashion industry. SWFS educates fashion startup business owners and exposes them to new opportunities in the fashion industry; it provides a platform to latch on to the opportunities.

Brand Visibility.

The SWFS creates an awareness of what obtains in the fashion industry on a Global Level. It is an annual event where fashion enthusiasts gather to listen to renowned speakers and stakeholders within the different spheres of influence in the fashion industry, share and discuss what they're most passionate about, and further proffer solutions to the challenges identified in the fashion industry.


SWFS is also targeted at hosting different fashion brands and creating an environment for the following:

  • Industry Leaders to mentor and Interact with startup fashion entrepreneurs 
  • Networking Platform for fashion entrepreneurs
  • Showcasing finished products – Runway and Exhibition

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